Thank you for having interest on my blog.

PR/Reviews: is a PR friendly blog therefore I accept sponsored products for sponsored reviews.
Please note that the reviews will be my honest opinions of the products and Tansia’s blog hold the right to decline any products,
I usually accept products related to beauty and fashion. I use a pro/con format when reviewing the product and will rate the product on a scale 1 to 5.
This blog does not do paid positive reviews and neither does promise to post positive review. I am particular about what I publish on my blog.
With that being said, I really love to try new things and I am  willing to review products from anyone,
whether you’re a large company, or selling a items on sites like etsy and want more exposure.
This blog is  open to review almost anything releted beuty and fashion by anyone.
Products are accepted for consideration and aren’t always guaranteed a post. If your product works good for me, I am happy to share and will post about it.
If I do decide to post your submitted product; I will either incorporate it into a look, a haul, or I will do a review; whichever I feel fits best. You will always be credited & linked .
I do not like to bash companies, so if a product just doesn’t work for me at all I have the right to keep my opinions to myself and not do a post.All reviews will be posted within 1 -3 weeks of product being received.
All emails should be directed to
Please include Product Review or PR somewhere in your email title.
 Please include all relevant information on the product.
Be sure to include relevant information on the product you would like me to review.
This policy is valid from April, 2014 from my previous blog till now.
Upon receiving email, I will do my best to reply within 48 hours.


This youtube channel is new. My previous channel is no longer active,

My email address got hacked which was linked to my channel and blog.
Because of this issue I had to change my some blog information and create a new channel.
For additional information or for the details media kit please email me at any time if you have a question.
When emailing me please provide detailed information about your project so I can give you appropriate information and an accurate quote.