SOUFEEL Bracelet & Charms – Review.

SOUFEEL Bracelet & Charms – Review.

IMG_9173Charm cannot get any cheaper than this. I love charm bracelet so much, if you do then this post will really help you to find some awesome charms. 

Finally , adding posts to my fashion segment which I kept empty for almost 1 year.  Let me know what do you want me to post 🙂

IMG_9106Lets start by saying a little bit about the company. Soufeel is a jewelry company that was founded in 2011, since then they have delivered the best shopping experience for jewelry lovers all over the world. SOUFEEL’s direct to consumer model allows them to create the most beautiful charms, beads, bracelets and other accessories, and offer them to their customers at ultra-competitive prices – all backed by their class leading guarantee and customer service.Soufeel products adopt 925 sterling silver and colored gems as main raw materials. With interchangeable charms, you will be delighted in many possibilities by selecting from over 500 designs of charms. Soufeel products also encourage customizing your own memorable charms with your themed photos to celebrate your memorable days.

I was contacted by this company for reviewing some of their charms last month, and I had to say yes because I really love to collect charms, I have one Pandora charm bracelet . I thought I could easily compare both company and share my opinion with you all and help you to choose some cute charms for your bracelet. They allowed me to pick some charms with a bracelet . I ended up getting the classic bracelet as I had Pandora Bangle. Click here to see.

Their shipping was so fast, I got them within 9 days. The product came in a hard cardboard box, After opening that brown cardboard box I found a paper bag, as well as a mini gift box with a light-blue color ribbon decorated on top of it. I loved how they packed everything up.
The packaging was totally  gifts-ideal.  Soufeel was kind enough to send me the Classic Bracelet with Rose Gold Clasp along with 4 charms, I choose those charms. Click here to see their bracelet collection. .
IMG_9125As a charm bracelet is an item which signify important,special,happy things in the wearer’s life so I took some of the things which I really love. Let me share my charm story with you now
So here is my first charm which is from their memorable charm line, when I visited there site, I was sure that Im gonna take it, because I have so many charms from so many low to high end brands but I have nothing like this. It a personalized charm.  Basically you are able to add any picture you like and carry with you all the time. I added my wedding reception picture with my parents. As I am far away from them , I thought it would be really good to carry them with me all the time.This charm has 2 sides, where the front one says “Live Love Laugh” and Picture in the back. Very simple but Carry my world. Click here to see the Personalize Your Charm. Im planning to get few more Personalize charms.
Yes, Second is A Bag Charm. If you are on my facebook or pinterest you know how many time I post about bags and shoes. But when I need to pick one, I always pick Bag. I love BAG so so much, And Literally I have a dream to buy all the bags oneday so I loved me a hand bag with a purple bow.. Is not it so adorable ? I could not find this charm on their website,  but you can Click here to see other bag charm on Soufeel. IMG_9151well well, you know me, camera is one of my bffs, I love taking picture a lot like so many of you. So thought to carry a little one with me . Make sense !! I hope so .So I got this Vintage Camera .its a 925 Sterling silver charm which is 2.88g and has a big rhinestone.


Then I got an Aeroplane as well! YEHHH!
It is because I took it as a reminder to myself that I am so blessed to see so many new places and also I wanna travel all around the world .. Meaningful ??

My experience : I am so please with every piece I got. The personalized charm with my parents is everything. I have been wearing this bracelet since I got it, so far nothing has tarnished , the only down side is,  my bracelet is little bigger than my regular size, but its not their fault, they asked me about my size, I calculate my pandora bracelet size with their bracelet . And got the big one, but thats totally fine because I will have enough room to add more charms 😀 Their charms has amazing quality in half the price of Pandora 🙂 I really love Pandora but sometime I find pandora is so expensive. I saw so many people were complaining about Soufeel’s Customer service, I really wanted to mention this on my post that I found their customer service was more helpful than Pandora. Saying this based on my experience. I got all my replies within 17 hours. Anyway , Im so happy with their products and services . Soufeel works just like the famous jewelry brand, Pandora. they have charms bracelet,bracelet/bangles,necklaces and earrings too! You can start customizing your own charm bracelet by selecting desired starter bracelet on their website, then slowly collecting charms for every memorable , special, happy days that you would wanna remember. I would highly recommend Soufeel if you love charms but have budget.  All of their charms fit all brands bracelets.
12345Soufeel was generous enough to offer a 5% coupon code for my readers which is expired now. As I dont share my opinion on anything without using so I took time and I was not able to post my review before,But I shared that code on my instagram and on my youtube channel few times. I felt so happy to see some of your purchases . Soufeel always sends Coupon code , If I get more , I will share that on my instagram or facebook, make sure to follow my social medias for getting the updates.

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