Colour Pop Lippie Stix Review + Lip Swatches

IMG_7236How can you say no to all colour pop goodness for five bucks? Yes, these lippie stix are $5 each.  The Brand ColourPop Cosmetics is fairly new, they started their journey with eyeshadows, then they launched these lippie Stix along with lip Pencils. Let me tell you, you will be surprised by seeing their quality, they are nothing less than amazing.

IMG_7272 Lets talk about their packaging first, because its one of my favourite topics. The packaging of these Lippe Stix are really cute and simple. They come in a retractable pen and the shape is slim which makes it easier to apply if you don’t want to add a liner. I am sure that is why they are called “LIPPIE STIX”. I loved their simple yet cute packaging.
IMG_7270My thoughts :
I really dont have so much to tell about these lip products, I wanted to try few shades without liner to see how they work, trust me I just want them all now. They are very inexpensive but the quality of them are just amazing. I loved how their mattes are, they are not too dry like MAC’s Retro Matte and regular Matte. In this season, my lips get so dry and I hate using super matte lipstick on my lips because that just crack after 2 hours on my lips and Im not able to touch my lips up in every hour, so I prefer something long wearing , matte yet not too shiny. Their mattes are very moisturizing but not shiny, I used two of their mattes at work and I hardly touched my lips up , I also got 2 satin lipsticks, which I also love, but they are little shiny, which is ok to me, All  five shades are really pigmented and long lasting, the texture are really smooth. They don’t stain lips so much and dont make lips dry. Satins are really creamy and easy to work with, mattes are little heavy, well I felt heavy on my lips. As they are in more smooth and creamy side, they tend to feather a little bit without any liner . But other than that, these lippies did live up to the hype! Can’t beat the quality for the price.
Here are swatches on my hand of the Lippie Stix


From Left to Right : Feminist (Matte) , LBB ( Matte), , Clique (Matte) , I Heart This (Matte), Trixie (Satin) , Fetch (Satin)

IMG_7279Shade Descriptions + Lip Swatches  :
They have three different finishes which are  “Glossy”, “Matte” and “Satin”. I have lipsticks with 2 different finish so it will be easier for you to see the differences.
IMG_7179-001Feminist (Matte) – Deep blackend purple.
IMG_7162-001LBB ( Matte) – Plum Wine.


Clique (Matte) –  True Orange with red undertone.
Ilove you

I Heart This (Matte) – Warmer fuchsia with red undertone.
IMG_7135-001Fetch (Satin) – Mid tone warm pink.
Trixie (Satin) – Coral Red. ( Im sorry I forgot to take a picture with this shade, I will add the picture as soon as possible)


Pros of this product :
Nice Packaging
Great Color Selection
Good Quality.
Amazing Texture.
Nice Smell.

Cons of this product :
They take forever to ship.
Feather a little bit without any liner.

My Rating: 4.5/54.5

Overall, I am impressed! I can say they are one of the best quality lipsticks  in the market right now. These are may be cheap, but they are amazing. I would gladly and highly recommend these to everyone if anyone on budget.

Thank you so much for reading my post. Let me know your thought and follow my  blog if you want to get notification for my next ColourPop Cosmetic,s Product Post.



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