Holiday with Soufeel

Holiday with Soufeel


Not too long ago, I shared one of my charm bracelets with you which I received from Soufeel. Soufeel sent me another bracelet to review for you. And this time I picked few charms which are perfect for gifting your beloved one in this holiday season. I simply loved their holiday collection this year. Read more to see which charms I got .


I love bangle more than bracelet , this time I took a traditional bangle, and Six Charms.  As I have said I took everything from their holiday collection. Trust me ,Picking out the charms was not so easy , they have really good collection this year.

The first charm I got is the Snow covered log cabin . It’s a super sweet design that features a log cabin with snow on the roof, a pine tree, bow accented wreath and a smiling snowman. When you slip this log cabin charm bead on, you’re going to be filled with the holiday spirit.
The color of this charm is green and silver, its a 925 Sterling Silver , and the weight it 6.76g.
Price is $50 but right now Soufeel is having 50% off , you can buy this charm on .


Winter is incomplete without hot chocolate. The second charm I picked this one as I found it really cute and unique . This adorable design will have you wishing you were sipping on some chocolate next to a warm fire. A sterling silver mug has been given a high polish so that it gleams beautifully in the light. It has been filled with a frothy and sweet drink that is loved by all ages. What’s great about this hot chocolate charm bead is that it not only looks great, but it makes for a fantastic gift option for loved ones in your life who you want to share sentimental winter memories with. We have a feeling that the recipient will be amazed by your thoughtfulness and great sense of style. The color is Silver, and meterial is 925 Sterling Silver and the weight is 2.44g. The price of this charm is $50 but you can have it for $20 on right now. 

Third one I got is a cute little snowman, Its now not available I guess, but you will find somthing similar on their website.

The Jingle Bell charm in .925 sterling silver is wonderful for the holiday season, however, it is so luxe and elegant looking,  This sterling silver charm bead has been plated in gold and the polish on it makes it gleam beautifully in any type of lighting. Mix and match this gold charm with other designs to show off your personal style. The price is $35 .
IMG_9747My most favourite  charms are these two. Horse and Pumpkin Coach. Pumpkin Coach charm in .925 sterling silver. Not only is it a gorgeous fashion accessory, but it’s so magical and will always have a special place in your heart. And this Fairy Tale Horse Charm in .925 sterling silver. Not only is the metal classic, but the polish that it has been given makes it shine wonderfully in the light. This horse charm features a strong stare, gold hooves, a lovely golden tail and crystal accents. The clear stones look brilliant against the yellow gold.  These two charms are $55.

HandI am so in love with this new bracelet, The detailing on these charms is nice .
My experience : I am so please with every piece I got. The Horse and Pumpkin coach are my most favourite . I have been wearing this bracelet since I got it, so far nothing has tarnished  . Soufeel  has charms bracelet,bracelet/bangles,necklaces and earrings too! You can start customizing your own charm bracelet by selecting desired starter bracelet on their website, then slowly collecting charms for every memorable , special, happy days that you would wanna remember. I would highly recommend Soufeel if you love charms but have budget.  All of their charms fit all brands bracelets.

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