How to: Sanitize Makeup

Sanitize Makeup
The most common question I get everytime when I post anything like makeup collection on my Facebook. How do I store my makeup or how do I  take care of them ,do I toss or not..Yes I do take care of my makeup and store them in a safe place,and I did toss too. I only toss those products which I feel has expired,I mean I dont toss anything based on the expire date but when I see any changes I stopped using that and toss directly, It always happens with my cream based and liquid based products. I usually dont toss my powder based products very often unless they are completely dry. I still use few eyeshadows which I have got in 2008..Please dont judge. So before get into the actual how to part,lets talk about something we can do to our makeup to keep them safe a little longer.

Keep your Hands Clean: As we all know germs and bacteria are all around us,and our hand carry so many germs and oil that can break us out and that can transfer to our beauty products easily. So I always make sure my hands are clean before touching any of my makeup product and doing my makeup.NO joke you will find at least 6 hand sanitizers in my vanity area now. I never ever touch my makeup with my dirty hand.

Keep your makeup area clean: The clean area is  very important,try to keep disinfecting wipes near your makeup area and clean the area before and after your makeup. And store your makeup in a safe and cold place,double check your makeup containers after using the product,the longer your makeup containers are left open the longer bacteria has a chance to contaminate in that product.

Avoid sharing makeup with others: Sharing makeup is a beauty disaster. It has 99% chance to get infection from someone else. I know sharing is a good thing but when it comes to makeup I feel very good to be a selfish 😀 I got this good habit from my mother, she taught me that sharing makeup can causes so many diseases so that she didnot allow me to use her lipsticks when I was younger.

Shelf life of makeup products and How to Sanitize:
I didn’t know about the expiry dates of make-up until I watched the “Tyra” show,
All the  Manufacturers often include an expiration date on the pack like 6M,12M ,24M but those dates are just a guess by them.The FDA does not require cosmetic companies to provide expiration dates on beauty products,but few cosmetics companies have the month(M) printed on the package and a symbol of a jar with an open lid. The open lid mean the expiration date will start once the the product is opened.
To me weather is one of the important factors when it comes to changing products texture,smell,consistency.My gel liners/powders dries more faster in Bangladesh than Texas,and the consistency of my NARS foundation changed within 4/5 months when I was in Bangladesh,

Foundation: We all know foundation has different types,cream,liquid,powder,mousse but with the exception of powder foundations,all foundations are water based/oil based,which means bacteria’s home.Foundation which are unopened lasts for a couple of years but after opening it lasts 6 to 24 months (based of companies given number) but I dont believe a foundation can last upto 2 years ..really!! I always check the product before using, it i found it started to change color ,consistency or smell ,I throw it, Theres no way to clean liquid form products ,I only sanitize powder foundation by spraying 70%-90% rubbing alcohol or I lightly scrape the top layer but powder foundation tends to dry out within 2 years.

Mascara:Mascara is a product that I switch  every two to three months to be safe. Sharing mascara can cause pink eyes,so try to use the disposable mascara wand and stop dipping the wand again and again. Avoid double dipping,because double dip grows bacteria in the tube.

Lipstick: Lipstick has 2 to 3 years shelf life but again it depends on the consistency ,if the lipstick dries out then you are done with that shade.Sharing lipstick tube is another big can cause lip infection and we know how bad we feel when we get infected lips. Use the disposable lipstick applicator.but again when you will use on others,avoid double dipping into the lipgloss tube. I use few glosses directly on my lips with the actual applicator only because I know those I will not share with anyone.Lipgloss lasts 1 years,you have to check them always.

Powder form products: Eyeshadows,Blush,Powder are ok if you do sanitize before applying and I try to avoid using any cream product with my hand on others and on myself ,I scoop a little amount of product and then I use brush on others and use my fingers on myself. I avoid touching cream products with my fingers or with brush again and again.Powders will lasts upto 3 years easily but Cream products has very short shelf life ,6 to 12 months.

This is how I clean my makeup products:
Makeup palettes: I take rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spray directly 10 mins ago before using.

Cream products: I wipe of the top layer of cream products(which I use on myself) with a soft cloth/paper towel and rubbing alcohol.

Lipstick: I take rubbing alcohol in a clean jar and dip the lipstick into the alcohol and wipe off the tube with a soft cloth or paper towel

Lippencil/Eye pencil: I sharpen the pencils first and dip into the alcohol and set aside to air dry.

Makeup Brush:Makeup brush is very important so keep the brushes clean and let them air dry.I prefer to wash my freelance brush kit a night before my work always do spot clean after use and I wash my brushes every 2 weeks but I do spot clean after every use. same as eyelash curler,I just spray alcohol and wipe that off with a paper towel before using.

Other beauty products : There are some beauty items that can not be so difficult to sanitize, such as loose powders,products which comes in a squeeze tube.

I hope some of you found this post helpful,feel free to ask if i missed anything ,I will try my best to answer you below.

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  1. Fariha mahjabin
    December 1, 2016 / 4:51 am

    A must read post…. Thanks apu

  2. June 12, 2016 / 8:18 am

    Thank u so much Tansia for these very helpful information

  3. Jhumu
    May 5, 2016 / 5:45 am

    Very good review! A lot of people aren’t aware that “sharing is caring” does not work with makeup 😊 It is crucial to keep all products sanitized in order not to crops contaminate, and give other people pink eye infection because that is very painful experience for them.

    • Tansia Ayon
      May 12, 2016 / 12:55 am

      awww. thanks apu for reading my post <3

  4. Tasrina noor
    May 4, 2016 / 2:52 pm

    Thank you for this. Informative. can u tell me about the alcohol. I want that for my lipstick. Thank you.

    • Tansia Ayon
      May 12, 2016 / 12:56 am

      thats just rubbing alcohol . you will find this at laz pharma.

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