Lipsticks for Fall and Winter

Autumn/Winter is about speak very softly and carry a bold deep dark lipcolor. Warm neutrals,feminine berry & plums dominated lips of the fall runway this year, and we all know rich reds are as flattering as berries , plums and neutrals. In today’s post Im going to talk about my few favorite fall lip colors .
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I added few limited edition lipsticks just to show you their shades, I usually dont like to post about limited items because they usually not very easy to find . If you want , you can add them in your collection and also you can pass.

MAC Goddess of the sea: This is a limited edition lipstick which came in a collection called  Alluring Aquatic (Click here for more ) . it is a deep berry with purple sheen to it,this shade is not too dark like MAC Odyssey and not so bright like up the amp, the texture is pretty nice, and its like other MAC lipstick , very cream and smooth.

MAC Heaux : MAC Heaux is another limited shade which came in RiRi Hearts MAC collection, this bad boy is so damn pretty for fall. People say this is a matte version of Rebel but it isn’t the case. It’s a matte raspberry shade that is probably more red with a hint of berry strewn in.

Urban Decay Mrs. Mia Wallace : UD Mrs Mia Wallace is also a limited edition shade which is a deep blood red. Very vibrant and rich, medium-dark red with subtle, cool undertone and has a tiny amount of shine to it.

YSL 12 Forbidden Burgundy : Forbidden Burgandy is a stunning plummy color which goes on very opaque in one swipe . YSl Rouge Voluptes lipsticks are smooth, very creamy and not matte but they all are very pigmented and last a very long time on lips. MAC Hang Up is very similar to Forbidden Burgandy but that has different finish.

MAC Smoked Purple : Smoked Purple is a deep, dark red purple, to me it has a little bit of plum in it. its a matte finish lipstick which is more dry than other matte lipstick. It is a pro shade which recently released at the regular store and counter. If you are brave enough to wear vampy dark lipstick you definitely can pair this up with MAC nightmoth lippencil.

MAC Diva : Diva is another matte lipstick which is intense reddish-burgundy. A beautiful colour, stunning for fall and winter. It Would suite an array of skin tones. I love pairing this up with current or vino or even night moth lippencil to make it more beautiful. 

MAC Rebel : I think I dont have to say much about REBEL!!! I dont think about fall and winter without this shade, Rebel is a berry red shade which has slight sheen to it and this lip shade looks always beautiful on every skin tone.

MAC Up The Amp : Up the amp is a part of my favorite MAC lipstick, it a a beautiful tone down purple shade which looks different on different skintone, I would say up the amp is a softer and wearable version of MAC Heroine. Color payoff, texture are great also very long lasting . Being an amplified finish it moisturizes the lips , you wont ever get any fleck from this lipstick unless you have extremely dry lips!

LA Girl Luxury Creme Lip Color GLC542 – Sexy : Sexy is a stunning warmer fuchsia which has almost invisible lightest blue sheen to it it doesn’t pack on a bunch of pigment, but easier to apply because it is  very smooth but still very pigmented. This shade is also day time appropriate .

Wet n Wild – Ferguson Crest Cabernet : WnW Ferguson Crest Cabernet is a very gorgeous shade for fall, its vamp but safe for daytime. It’s a great lipstick and for $3.50 and people say its a dupe for MAC Rebel but it is definitely not a dupe , WnW is more darker and shiner than Rebel.

MAC Heroine : Heroine is a red tone bright violet purple shade with retro matte finish, being a retro matte lipstick it is a little more than matte which makes it dry.
IMG_6790Shade Names Left to Right: MAC Goddess of the sea, MAC Heaux, UD Mrs. Mia Wallace, YSL 12 Forbidden Burgundy, MAC Smoked Purple, MAC Diva, MAC Rebel, MAC Up the Amp, LA Girl Sexy, Wet N Wild Ferguson Crest Cabernet. MAC Heroine.

I have picked few lip glosses and lip pencils.
IMG_6793MAC Mall Madness : Mall madness is a limited edition shade. It is a mid tone pinky plum lipgloss. Even though it has micro violet shimmer but  can be used in daytime. The color is semi opaque and it lasts quite a long time.

Urban Decay Jillted : Urban decay Jilled is a blue purple with plum tone lipgloss, I found this shade weird , sometime it looks pinky plummy purple , sometime blue purple 🙁 But it looks pretty good in this season.

Urban Decay Love Junkie : Love junkie is blackish purple lipgloss, it looks so vampy and sexy with MAC Smoked Purple lipstick.

Cailyn Love Affair : Love affair lipgloss is a red burgundy shade which look very similar to MAC Diva lipstick to me .

NARS Rose Lipgloss (the bottom one) : Its a midtown warmer brown kind of shade which to me very fall appropriate shade.

MAC Night moth Lip Pencil : Its an absolute staple in my makeup collection, This lip pencil is  a deep vampy almost black burgundy plum which is universally flattering.

MAC Current Lip Pencil : MAC Current is a dark wine shade which is stunning with dark lipstick. MAC current and  MAC vino both are quite similar to me.
IMG_6796Left to Right : MAC Mall Madness, Urban Decay Jillted , Urban Decay Love junkie, Cailyn Love Affair, Nars Rose, MAC Lippencil in Night moth and Current.

These are the shades I love mostly for winter and fall , I have few more neutral nude shades from various brands, I will talk about them in an another post soon.

 I hope You find this post useful and do let me know if you have any question about these products….

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