These are the products I have used to reduce my acne.

Hi Everyone, As I promised , heres the products I have used to control and reduce my acne. Im sorry for posting like this but I have no energy to seat and make a proper post, If I can manage time I will post more in depth post with pictures next week. ¬†The one bad boy you are seeing one my chin is the new one, I got it last week ūüôĀ .
Cleanser : ( you can use it at night too but I used it only in the morning )
Cleanser :
Alcohol Free Toner : ( I used this everytime after washing face )
Treatment 1 : ( it was for my acne spots, and I swear by it, you should use it twice in a day for getting early and better result, but as I was using a medicated face wash ,my skin got so sensetive and that used to burn a lot thats why I used everything once in a day )
Treatment 2 : ( I started using it after running out of the Treatment 1 )
Treatment 3 : ( Now using this once in every other day )
Spot Treatments for active acnes :
Serum 1 : ( i used to use it sometimes too )
Serum 2 : ( Currently using this)
Moisturizer 1 :
Moisturizer 2 :
Sunscreen : ( I used the highest spf to protect my skin because those treatments make the skin so photo sensetive, if you dont use sunscreen regularly while using any acne treatment or anything for acne , you skin will get darker and will be more pigmented )
Face masks I have used for only controlling acne :
Two step mask :
Tools :
Dermaroller : I used it only twice and recently started using it.
I have also taken supplements but not regularly :
I took this one sometimes along with my other daily supplements :

Feel free to leave your questions below if you want to know more about any products. If you want to get more updates from me please follow my instagram  because thats the only place where Im more regular and only app from where I get notification on my phone from .

Thanks for reading <3

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  1. Rebeka navila
    June 3, 2017 / 4:34 pm

    Apu which dermaroller you use?

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