Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils – Review & Swatches

One can have so many eyeliners especially colored ones..I love colored liners so much. Read more to find out what I actually think about Urban Decay’s Colored eyeliners….
Urban Decay’s Ocho Loco 2 Eye Pencil Set comes with eyeliners from  Urban Decay ‘s  24/7 hours Eyepencil line.
Ocho Loco 2 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set
Urban Decay rarely do full-size pencil sets, this set is a true collector’s item. But the craziest part has to be the price: $59 for eight full-size pencils that would cost you $152 if you bought them individually. This set came with five exclusive shades. And it comes with a never-before-seen neon-green Grindhouse Double Barrel Sharpener.
Urban Decays Eyeliner is creamy,forever lasting and waterproof linerswith lush tropical hues,deep metallics and vibrant neutrals.

DSC_0327-001I have got total 10 eye pencils, 8 came in Ocho Loco 2 set and 2 eyepencils came individually named Woodstrock( which is my birthday gift)  and Lust (Which I purchased as I got that on sale)

Woodstrock: Woodstock is a hot pink shade which has  silver glitter, it has a little sheen and the glitters are micro glitters, the pigmenation is not as bright as is supposed to be,but it is quite buildable, I know neon pink is very uncommon as an eyeliner but when I saw it is one of the Bloggers Fave shades, I got interested in trying it. The price of this eyeliner is $19, and I dont purchase this, this one was my gift from UD.

Lust: Lust is royal purple shade which has strong blue undertone. the pigmentation is okey and the staying power is so good. when I saw that Urban Decay eye pencil were on sale I took it for $6.

Left :


Twice Baked: Twice Baked is a rich brown satin shade and it has gold micro-sparkle in it,I found it a warm medium brown shade. The color is pretty pigmented and opaque, and the lasting power is awesome. I swiped it once on my waterline and it stayed 9+ hours and it didnot smudge .It is one of the exclusive shades.

Tornado: Tornado is a dark eggplant shade . Urban Decay did not mention that it has glitter/shimmer in it but I found a slight multi color micro shimmer in it, the shade is more to the cool tone side and I found little violet shade in the tone. The color payoff is good and staying power is very impressive. it stayed pretty long time ,I could not say how long it stayed as I was outside all day and when I got back to home I found that little faded but not smudged or anything.

Deep End: Depp End is a bright metallic peacock shimmer but I found the color more like turquoise and has pearly sheen but I didnot find any shimmer in this shade. The pigmentation is so good in one swipe. It does not smudge ,I still dont know the staying power as I did not use it on the water line yet.

Roach: Roach is deep copper brown shade and has shimmer in it. and I found the shade pretty exact. The finish of this liner is pearly and the colorpay off is decent in one swipe onmy hand but on my waterline I had to build the color, It lasted on my waterline whole day (upto 10+ hours) it didnot smudge but after 6 hours I found it a little faded.

Crave: Crave is a deepest, darkest brown-black matte. it has also good color payoff and staying power but it smudge a little on my lowerlash line. This is one of the new and exclusive shades.

Mars: Mars is a bright metallic green shimmer,this is one of my favorite shades, it has cool toned blue green undertone and emerald green shimmer, the color payoff is amazing as well as the staying power. I had this shade on upto 12+ hours . It fades few hours later but does not smudge at all. I have MAC minted eye pencil which is little darker than mars. This is another exclusive shade.

Perversion: OMG!!! Perversion is the blackest black matte shade I have ever used on my waterline. The finish is matte and the staying power is OMG and the colorpay off is OMG and it does not move a little bit on my eyes… I usually apply gel liners with a black eyepencil on my waterline but when I use it I forget everything :D:D:D  I think I will not purchase any other black liner ever for my water line except this one. MAC smolder was my only choice for my waterline but that smudges after few hours I used to use that with my gel liner but was not as happy ever as Im with Perversion. This eyeliner is from their permanent line 🙂

Ultraviolet: Ultraviolet is a bright blue violet shade with shimmer, it has blueish pearly sheen to it but has little bit of purple in it. This is my least favorite shade, the color payoff is not so good in one swipe, I tried to smudge this shade on my hand but it didnot but I still dont know about the staying power on the eyes. This is another new exclusive shade.



My thoughts
Urban decay says,their pencil is the best eye pencil ever,but when I used the ZERO, I found that worst, I started thinking that their all pencils are same but after getting the set I first used the Perversion and I got hell shocked to see the result, A long lasting black eye pencil which does not smudge and smear at all… I think this is the best black eye pencil I have ever used in my entire life. I was so excited to try other pencils after using the Perversion. I almost used all the pencils to test and Im so happy to have them in my life, Im sure I also use them as my eyeshadow base sometimes, I was not fan of Urban Decays eyeliner fan after using the ZERO but after using them I SWEAR by them. Almost all the shades last all day long, all the colors are outstanding. One thing I love so much about UD’s eyepencil that they are so soft, creamy and goes on smooth. It smudges easily with a brush but once it’s on, it stays on. I wear contacts and struggle with finding an eyeliner that I can use for tightlining. They don’t come off and create that awful film on my contacts like other eyeliners.

Pros of 24/7 Glide-on pencils:
* Well pigmentation on one swipe.
* Easily glides on the waterline.
* Almost all the liners are long wearing.
* Can be used as eyebase.
* Most of the eyeliners are water-proof.
* Shade range is wide

Cons of 24/7 Glide-on pencils:
As I had bad experience with ZERO so I only can say few cons based on that pencil, that pencil was not well pigmented and smudge very badly.

My Rating : 4.5/5

Overall I like the 24/7 Glide on pencils so much and the ocho loco 2 set is so good for such price. I think the set is an excellent value considering how many you get, and the most of the new colors are amazing 🙂 Im looking forward to have few more from their line because Im HOOKED… I do recommend it to those who loves colored eyeliner.

24/7 hours eyepencil is priced 20 USD.

You will find them at Sephora, Macys, Nordstrom and URBAN DECAY’s website.

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  1. Jhumu
    March 8, 2016 / 7:24 am

    Excellent Review Tansia Apu! It covers all the important details from price to quality to ease of use to longevity. After reading your review and seeing the swatches I will definitely go and buy this product! Your honest reviews are always appreciated! Thanks! Xoxo

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